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● What is an LLP? :

Limited Liability Partnership is a partnership in which all the partners have limited liability i.e. they are limited to their shares only in case of any mishap in business. It has features of a Partnership firm and a Corporation. In this form of business a partner is not responsible for another partners misconduct/fault.

● The documents requirements are as follows

   - Directors & Shareholders:

       • PAN Card
       • Identity Proof (Election ID / Aadhar Card / Passport / Driving License)
       • Passport Photo
       • DSC Form Download Format
       • Address Proof (Bank Statement / Mobile Bill / Telephone)

    -Registered Company Office:

       • Rent Agreement (Notarized: For rented property)
       • Property (Director / Relative) - Registry Proof / House Tax Receipts (Notarized)
       • Latest Electricity Bill
       • NOC from the owner on the name of any director (Notarized)


      - Limited Liability.

      -Minimum Compliance.

      -Legal Entity.

●Procedure to Incorporate :

To register a Indian LLP, you need to first apply for a Designated Partner Identification Number (DPIN), which can be done by filing eForm for acquiring the DIN or DPIN. You would then need to acquire your Digital Signature Certificate and register the same on the portal. Thereafter, you need to get the LLP name approved by the Ministry. Once the LLP name is approved, you can register the LLP by filing the incorporation form.

Step 1: Application for DIN or DPIN
Step 2: Acquire/ Register DSC
Step 3: New User Registration
Step 4: Incorporate a LLP
Step 5: File LLP Agreement

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